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So you want to pass your driving test?



Our Guarantee to you.

  1. A written report at the end of every lesson.
  2. 1 Year Driving license warranty :- you can take up to three hours of refresher lessons within your first year of passing. You get a new car, we can help you get used to it.
  3. Money Back Guarantee:- Only applies to the lesson you are on. Once this has been activated you agree to terminate that lesson immediately and will receive a full refund for that lesson. No future lessons will be carried out. If you have block booked historical lessons will not be refunded.  Please look at our terms and conditions for full details.
  4. A pass promise:- should you in the unlikely event fail your driving test, subject to certain terms and conditions, we will pay for your next DVSA Test fee.


If you follow our recommendations you can save money in this way.

  1. Yes you can go to a driving school that is cheaper than us, but its not about who you go with, passing the test  is about you.
  2. Take more than one hour a week otherwise you get nowhere, you will spend 50% of your time getting back to where you were  before at one hour a week.
  3. Two hour lesson every 4 to 5 days will save you around 15 hours of training.
  4. Taking regular lessons negates the need for private practice,

All of these tips above will save you pounds,

We honestly want to save you money not cost you money.

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