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So, you want to pass your driving test?


Driving Lessons Tameside, High Peak and Macclesfield.testcertificate

Learning how to drive is exciting, and at Drive By Knight we will show you. We could also save you ££££'s on passing your test.


My name is Nigel and I have been a driving instructor for 27 years. I am a fully qualified ADI and also have both Fleet and ORDiT qualifications. I have taught 100's of people to pass their test in the Tameside, High Peak and Macclesfield Area.



 We use a BMW X1 M Sport X Drive as our tuition car, this is almost certainly the safest and most comfortable, not to mention the easiest car to learn in. It comes with 4 wheel drive as standard a electronic handbrake and a reversing camera which makes the reversing exercises extremely easy.

I'm committed to helping you become a safe driver, and I'm also aware that YOU want great value for money. Yes, you can search for cheap driving lessons in Tameside,High Peak and Macclesfield, so, rather than saving you a few pounds per lesson, I can show you how you can save hundreds.

I will work tirelessly to make you a safe driver and if you follow my guidelines you WILL PASS your driving test.

I work in partnership with a National Driving School as an ADI Trainer and therefore have complete knowledge of the new test and all current teaching practices.

 I want you to call me and to helpyou make that decision, i want to add value to the service.If I were a pupil and was looking for a driving instructor I would want.

1.Value for money and good lessons without ripping you off.                                

2. A nice instructor who is pleasant and creates a good learning experience.

3.To be a safe and confident driver and hopefully pass first time.*

* Check out our Guarantee Page for details.


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