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By taking lessons with Drive By Knight you agree to the following relevant terms and conditions:


Money Back Guarantee

  1. Only applies to the lesson you are on.
  2. Must take place within the first 30 minutes of lesson.
  3. The lesson is terminated at the point of activation.
  4. You will receive a full refund of the lesson and the lesson will be concluded irrespective of if you are at the finishing point or not.
  5. No future lessons will be carried out.
  6. Lessons already taken in a block booking are not refunded.
  7. Money returned will be the total amount paid minus hours already taken prior to the lesson commencing multiplied by our published standard rate.
  8. This guarantee does not cover the pass course.


The Pass Course

  1. This course can only be taken at Hyde DTC and pickups and drop-offs must be in the Tameside area. It is your responsibility to get to Tameside.
  2. The Pass Course must be started within 6 (six) months of booking otherwise the entire payment will be lost.
  3. Only one attempt at the theory test will be paid for by Drive By Knight.
  4. If you should fail the DVSA practical test, Drive By Knight will book another test for you and arrange for a further four hours of tuition. There is no limit to the number of attempts.
  5. Drive By Knight will book all tests and will do all we can to accommodate your date wishes but we cannot guarantee a particular date or time.
  6. Drive By Knight cannot be held liable for test cancellations caused by reasons beyond our control.
  7. Drive By Knight reserve the right to refuse the use of the car for test if we feel road safety is in risk, we will endeavor to give enough notice to allow the test to be cancelled but if this cannot happen due to the time frame Drive By Knight will offer extra tuition but the pupil will need to pay for the next test.
  8. No refunds on this course once the course has been started for whatever reason.


Driving License warranty.

  1. Three hours of refresher lessons.
  2. Date and time must be suitable to the driving instructor.
  3. Pupil to supply the car, which must be road legal and fuelled.


The Pass Promise

  1. Your theory test must be passed within the fist seven weeks of starting driving lessons with us.
  2. You must have taken 40 Hours of tuition with us, the average to pass a test is 70 hours including home practice.
  3. You will do a 2 hour lesson every week.
  4. All tests are booked by Drive By Knight
  5. Prior to taking your test you will have satisfactorily completed the driving syllabus to an acceptable standard.
  6. If you fail you must take at least 7 remedial hours.
  7. Should you not take the remedial hours you agree that Drive By knight can cancel your test.


General terms and Conditions for all driving tuition.

  1. The pupil confirms that a valid license is held to drive the tuition vehicle. Pupils must inform their instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements to their license during the period they are taking lessons.
  2. In the even of a breakdown or other difficulty outside the control of the instructor, the instructor reserves the right to rearrange the lessons at short notice.
  3. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to be given to the instructor by the pupil to cancel a lesson and should the pupil fail to give such notice, the pupil will be liable to pay the full tuition fee.
  4. A lesson is of a one hour duration. If for any reason outside the instructors control it is not possible to give a full hours tuition, then any lost time will be added to a later lesson. It is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure this is noted and signed by the instructor.
  5. Drive By Knight teaches each pupil in a two hour duration as this increases learning and reduces costs for the pupil, unless otherwise agreed with the instructor
  6. The price paid for the driving test does not include the car hire for the test and the prior hour, current rates will apply.
  7. Payment by card is available by chip and pin.
  8. Payment of each lesson must be made at the start of the lesson. Drive By Knight reserves the right to change the hourly rate with reasonable prior notice to the pupil.
  9. The instructor has the absolute right to refuse to take on a pupil if it felt would be unprofessional or bad business practice to do so.
  10. The instructor's hours of work are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.Any times outside of these hours will attract a £10 per hour overtime charge on top of the Drive By Knight published hourly rate.
  11. It is accepted that all lessons will be video recoded in the interest of safety and education.
  12. Legal Liability:- the pupil should be aware that the instructor's primary objective is to promote road safety and in doing so may have to take control of the vehicle. The instructor will make every effort to instruct the pupil to the highest standard but can in no way be held liable for any error that the pupil may make whilst driving and not accompanied by the instructor either before or after a test pass.
  13. The instructor will endeavor to teach the pupil the correct driving skill according to the recommended syllabus issued by the DVSA within the minimum hours required.
  14. Driving tests may only be booked by the driving school.
  15. Any complaints are to be dealt with in accordance to the ADI code of practice.
  16. The instructor is at liberty at their absolute discretion to refuse to proceed with a lesson if there is reason to believe the pupil is in any way under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of the lesson.
  17. The instructor accepts no liability for accidents, injury or damage to any third party caused by the pupil's recklessness or negligence during a lesson.
  18. The instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of his vehicle for a driving test. This in no way stops the pupil from taking the test in another vehicle.
  19. The pupil accepts all punishments according to road traffic acts whilst driving the vehicle.
  20. In the event of the pupil prepaying for lessons these will be paid off at the full rate the last lesson receiving the discount.
  21. If a refund is requested from prepaid lessons a £10 administration fee will be deducted from the balance.
  22. All prepaid lessons must be taken within six months of payment otherwise they will be lost, unless with written authorization of extension from the instructor,
  23. The pupil will be liable for a soiling charge of £70 should they deliberately soil the vehicle.
  24. A late charge collection fee of £10 may be charged on all payments that are late and an invoice is issued for collection.
  25. No passengers will be carried in the car except for DVSA examiners in the course of their duties.
  26. Drive By Knight will try our best to accommodate your wishes but cannot be held liable for changes due to customer goodwill.


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